Boost Your Bust Book Review

Unrealistic beauty standards are the bane of many a woman’s existence. Feeling like you do not even come close tooffering the best product for breast enlargement the “ideal shape” can be disheartening and cause self-esteem problems that affect every aspect of your life. For those with small breasts who do not have either the stomach or the funds for surgery (or both), trying to increase cup size can seem like an impossible task, but it is not. By using the methods in Jenny Bolton’s Boost Your Bust, you can see real results with very little risk and cost, as she lays out a realistic system that uses one’s own personal behavior (such as diet and exercise) to increase bust size and boost confidence.  Keep reading to find out how we thought Boost Your Bust measured up.

About the author

Jenny Bolton has devoted quite a bit of time to the study of breast growth and enlargement as she herself felt like she was being held up by her A-cups and being outstaged by women with larger breasts. On her website, she speaks at length about her struggles with her size and the process she went through in order to perfect her system, saying that it became an “obsession” and that she “ran round like a crazy maniac, sitting up all night reading through piles of books about the human body…all trying to find the cause of why breasts grow, and how I could manipulate it.” In other words, this book was written not only by a lady who knows her material, but who lived the process.

The claims

Jenny Bolton, the woman behind boost your bust, states that by using the system explained within the book, women can see an impressive 2-cup size growth in two to eight weeks by using natural, non-invasive, and inexpensive techniques—doing certain exercises, making dietary changes, and manipulating one’s own hormone levels.


  • Great writing style. So many self-help, natural remedy books fall to one of two extremes—they are either incredibly dry and boring to read or they are so horribly written with such terrible content that it makes one feel like they are being punk’d. However, this is not the case with boost your bust. Jenny Bolton is a fantastic writer, with a talent for making content that could easily become boring and dry into something interesting. She is also great at explaining the more scientific aspects of breast growth and function in such a way as to make it easily understandable and simple.
  • It comes as an eBook. If you choose to order, there is no need to wait for delivery or packaging because after your payment has cleared, you receive an instant download of the material, saving you time and saving paper.
  • Produces results. This is definitely the best thing about Boost Your Bust—the techniques described within the book actually do work! I started seeing increases in my own bust size within a week or two and the friends to whom I have recommended this book have shown the same results.
  • Quality content. This book is packed with information on how to increase bust size and not all of it is scientific in nature—there is plenty of practical advice as well. Tips on posture and fashion, both of which can have quite a large impact on the appearance of one’s bust, comingle with instructions on how to perform certain exercises that will increase muscle tone and make your breasts appear firmer and better-positioned and how to use certain supplements to manipulate hormone levels.
  • Money-back guarantee. Jenny stands behind her product with a solid, 60-day money-back guarantee. If you have not seen results within that timeframe, or if the program simply is not for you, you can return it for a full refund.
  • The most refreshing aspect of this product is that it offers a realistic strategy for breast enlargement. It makes no grandiose, obviously exaggerated claims, but sets out a straightforward and simple plan that will produce up to two cups of breast growth.
  • Personal service. When you purchase, you do not just get the book of information; you get Jenny Bolton herself. She provides her personal email to those who buy her product, just in case there are any questions or if anyone needs support. There are very few products that offer this level of personalized customer service.


It is up to the reader to decide whether or not the items listed in this section are actually disadvantages, or simply the obvious side effects of choosing to increase breast size naturally, rather than threw surgery.

  • Takes time. You are not going to see incredibly noticeable results in a few days. This process can take time, some more than others, to show true change. In other words, you will not wake up three days after starting the program and suddenly have melons where your plums used to be.
  • Takes work. Enlarging your breasts DIY-style takes a lot more work and self-control than that required to enhance the breasts surgically. To get full benefit from the book, you will have to follow certain dietary rules, perform certain exercises, and take dietary supplements in order to see progress.
  • Two cups of breast growth is generally the most that can be achieved. Most people on the program will see a two-cup increase, but very few will see more than that. If you want to go bigger than this, then surgery is likely your best option.

Boost Your Bust: A boost, not a bust.

Does natural breast enhancement take longer than surgical enhancement? Of course! But by opting to use the techniques outlined in boost your bust, you will be able to save money, save yourself the pain of invasive surgery, and be able to boast of your all-natural, healthy breast size. Boost your bust is one of the only natural breast enhancement programs (and there are many of them out there) that actually shows results while being fairly inexpensive and because of this, I recommend it highly to anyone who has ever felt self-conscious about their breast size.

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